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Engineering Construction
Engineering Construction
  • Zhejiang Zhongnan Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.
    Zhejiang Zhongnan Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. is an enterprise with the National Special Qualification for General Contracting of Building Construction, a National Advanced Enterprise in Construction Industry, a National Excellent Construction Company, and an Excellent Construction Company of Zhejiang Province. The company possesses advanced equipment, solid technical strength, standard quality and safety management, the experience and strength of independently constructing high-rise, long-span, top grade buildings. It enjoys a high reputation in China.
  • Zhejiang Zhongnan Curtain Wall Co., Ltd.
    Zhejiang Zhongnan Curtain Wall Co., Ltd. has the National Grade One Specialized Qualification for Curtain Wall Contracting, National Grade A Specialized Qualification for Design Contracting, and National Grade One Specialized Qualification for Metal Doors and Windows Projects Contracting. The company is one of the Top 3 Companies in China’s curtain wall industry. Many of its projects have won the “China Luban Prize”, “China Golden Prize”, “Qianjiang Cup” and other honors. Meanwhile, the company has more than 20 patents for invention and patents for utility models. It compiled and participated in editing more than 10 national standards, industrial standards, and local standards. Furthermore, Zhongnan Curtain Wall has a Technical Research Institute comprised of more than 500 designers and researchers with the largest scale and top design level in China.
  • Zhejiang Zhongnan Municipal Engineering Co., Ltd.
    Zhejiang Zhongnan Municipal Engineering Co., Ltd. has the Grade One Qualification for Municipal Public Works Construction General Contracting. Over the years, Zhongnan Municipal Engineering has undertaken various municipal public works, including municipal roads, bridges over rivers, elevated expressways, interchanges, large tap water plants, sewage treatment plants, etc. It has won Qianjiang Cup, West Lake Cup and many other provincial and municipal honors.
  • Zhejiang Zhongnan Decoration Co., Ltd.
    Zhejiang Zhongnan Decoration Co., Ltd. is one of the earliest companies with the Grade One Qualification for Building Decoration and Fitment in Zhejiang. It has the Grade A Specialized Design Qualification. Many of the projects designed and constructed by the company have been rated as National Excellent Projects, Provincial Excellent Projects, and Provincial Technology Civilization Demonstration Construction Sites. The company has won the title of “National Top 100 Enterprise in Building Decoration Industry” for successive years. Zhongnan Decoration has undertaken Hangzhou Xizi State Guesthouse, Hangzhou CBD Civic Center, Hangzhou International Conference Center, Beijing Wangfujing Department, and many other good quality projects. Over the years, it has won the National Architectural Engineering Decoration Award and many other honors.
  • Zhongnan Mechanical & Electrical Installation Engineering Co., Ltd
    Zhongnan Mechanical & Electrical Installation Engineering Co., Ltd. is a specialized industrial and civil installation company with the Grade One Specialized Qualification for Electromechanical Equipment Installation Contracting. Its business involves the installation of water and electricity, ventilation and air conditioning, refrigeration, electrical equipment, instruments, compressor units, non-standard steel structure systems, and other industrial, public and civil construction projects. Its business has spread out of Zhejiang to Shanghai, Jiangsu, Anhui, Shenyang, Guangzhou, Fujian and other regions. Many of the projects undertaken by the company have won “Zhejiang Provincial Excellent Installation Quality Award”.
  • Zhejiang Zhongnan Landscaping Engineering Co., Ltd.
    Zhejiang Zhongnan Landscaping Engineering Co., Ltd. is devoted to landscaping, old building design and reconstruction, as well as nursery stock conservation. It now has two large nursery stock planting bases. While keeping a foothold in Zhejiang market, Zhongnan Landscaping also began to actively develop business outside Zhejiang in recent years. It has undertaken many large landscaping projects in different provinces and cities across the country.
  • Zhejiang Zhongnan Steel Structure Co., Ltd.
    Zhejiang Zhongnan Steel Structure Co., Ltd. has the National Grade One Specialized Qualification for Steel Structure Works Contracting, the Grade A Design Qualification and many other qualifications. It’s one of the first designated steel structure enterprises approved by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, and a backbone enterprise of Hangzhou, Zhejiang. As one of the steel structure manufacturers with the largest scale, most advanced equipment and strongest technical strength in Zhejiang, the company also is a Council Member Unit of China Steel Construction Society and Vice Chairman Unit of Zhejiang Steel Structure Association. The company is devoted to the design, manufacture and installation of large-span industrial buildings, civil and commercial multi-story, high-rise steel structure buildings, steel structure specialized venues and net frames. It has strong R&D ability. The company took part in the construction of Henan Radio & TV Tower’s Steel Structure Project, which won “China Zhan Tianyou Award for Civil Engineering”. Many of the company’s projects have won “China Steel Structure Gold Award” and “Zhejiang Steel Structure Gold Award”.
  • Zhejiang Zhongnan Real Estate Group Co., Ltd.
    Zhejiang Zhongnan Real Estate Group Co., Ltd. is a group company specialized in real estate development and operation. Its subsidiaries include Hangzhou Zhongnan Real Estate Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Lin’an Zhongnan Real Estate Co., Ltd., Liaoning Zhongnan Real Estate Co., Ltd., Liaoyang Taizi Plaza Development Co., Ltd., Anshan Zhongnan World Trade Center Development Co., Ltd., etc. Zhejiang Zhongnan Real Estate Group Co., Ltd. successfully developed Lakeside Villa Garden, Zhongnan River View Garden, Linpu Building Materials Market, and other projects, as well as Zhongnan International Building, Zhongnan Construction Building, Zhongnan International Shopping Mall, Zhongnan Zoland and other modern top grade office buildings and flagship commercial projects. The company has entered the northeast region of China, and developed the top grade landscape residential project——Zhongnan WangJing Garden, and large flagship commercial project——Liaoyang Zhongnan Shopping Center of New City in Liaoyang.
  • Zhejiang Zhongnan (Group) Architectural Design Institute
    Zhejiang Zhongnan (Group) Architectural Design Institute is a Grade A Architectural Design Institute. Its main designers have over 10 years of experience in designing provincial large projects. Upholding the design tenet of “Innovation, Fineness and Service”, the design team tries to create a first-rate design company in management, specialization, profit and other aspects.
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